Reach at 34th Street

I take the Q train home at the 34th street station when it's late and the B train might be a 25-minute wait. One night while waiting for the Q, I saw a boy jump for a bar over his head. As he reached for the bar, I heard noises. Strange noises. Noises you don't expect to hear at a subway station. The bar is green, about 10-feet long. It hangs under the R and W signs at the 34th street station, where people wait for the N, Q, R, and W. There's another one on the uptown side where you can do the same thing and make noise together.

I discover a plaque situated opposite the green bar on a red beam. It is an art piece created by a Christopher A-something. If you "reach" and place you hand under an opening, you interrupt a beam of light which causes a sound to be played. I can't help but put my hand under the various openings under the bar and listen to the outer worldly sounds of the rainforest. I smile while unknowing visitors turn their heads. The dark monotony of the subway tunnel breaks, and I feel glee. A lady wearing a fur jacket joins me. I hope it's fake. I glance at her, but don't make eye contact. I feel as if I've violated the unwritten code of the subway. She says "isn't this thing fabulous?" I look her in the eye, laugh and say "yes."